How to negotiate a one night stand This Week

Posted: February 26, 2012 in GET MORE SEX

Four tips for embarking on no-strings-attached romance

Q: “Your place or mine?”
A: Hers
Always her place. Never insist on taking her back to your house. “Personal safety is going to be paramount for her and she’s going to be more relaxed at her own home,” says sexual and relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall. Not having your own toothbrush to hand is a small price to pay.

Q: “Do you want to sit down?”
A: No, actually
A study by the University of Illinois in Chicago found that women showed greater arousal responses – measured by recording the number of nonverbal cues – while being kissed standing up, rather than laying or sitting down.

Q: “Do you think I do this all the time?”
A: God no, of course not!
The final barrier is a psychological one. “They want you to understand that they aren’t like this normally,” says Professor Anne Campbell from Durham University, specialist in the psychological impact of one-nighters. “They need the guy to know they are doing this for him on this night as a particular event.”

Q: “Am I going to see you again?”
A: Yes/No (Delete as applicable)
Ensure you’ve got all of your belongings. That’s 100% of the things that belong to you – keys, phone, wallet, any clothing you want to keep. The only thing you should leave behind is your number, if you do actually plan on seeing her again.

  1. The Hook says:

    You are a sexy fountain of wisdom!

  2. Necla says:

    congrats on baby # 6. just started thkiinng today how nice it would be to have another one myself. would be nice if it was a boy too. have all girls (4). i think my husband about fainted when i mentioned having another one. he loves my girls and kids too, but my pregnancies are hard. i get terrible morning sickness to the point of having to take meds and sometimes getting rehydrated via iv. praying all goes well for you.

  3. Yankee57 says:

    Skinny Thing But I Would Fuck Her !

    • Gerry says:

      Hilarious! I love the flourishy sig. I think it’s so cute that she was thkniing of you. I think she just wanted an excuse to talk to her Mama. .-= Heather Kephart s last blog .. =-.[]Twitter: Reply:October 29th, 2009 at 12:57 pmAmanda created the signature a few years ago. Cool2heme means something, but I have forgotten what. Her friend Emily came up with it. She would never admit she just wanted to talk to me. []

  4. Kissing is always better standing up. It becomes a whole body affair…

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