I attended the World Congress for Sexual Health in Glasgow this last week. Can you imagine what happens when a thousand sexologists get together? We actually talk about science – the science behind sex.

I had the privilege of meeting one of the most influential sex researchers of all time – Beverly Whipple. This remarkable American scientist made three very important contributions to sex research:

She proved the existence of the G-spot on histological level and wrote about it extensively in her book: The G-spot first published in 1983.
She proved that there is a nerve connecting a female’s cervix directly to her brain, bypassing the spinal cord, making orgasm in paralyzed women possible.
She proved that females can and do ejaculate!

Here Are The Facts About Female Ejaculation

• It happens to some women, not all.
• It sometimes happens with orgasm, sometimes without.
• It is usually only a small amount, about a teaspoon full. It can be so little that you don’t even notice it or so much that it is embarrassing.
• It comes from small glands next to the urethra where the urine comes out, not the vagina and is therefore often confused with urine.
• These glands were previously known as the Skene’s glands, but are now officially called the female prostate glands.
• It looks like watered-down milk, not urine.
• It contains glucose and PSA – substances that are not found in urine.
• Some women do pass a small amount of urine during orgasm due to muscle contractions, but this is not ejaculation.
• It can sometimes be induced by ‘milking’ the G-spot in the same way a man’s prostate can be milked to produce ejaculate without orgasm.
• It is completely normal and natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.

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  2. Fatima says:

    No, being circumcised prbbaoly doesn’t have any effect on premature ejaculation. People once thought it decreased premature ejaculation because the penis becomes desensitized, but if this were so, then very few circumcised men would be suffering with it; thus this can’t be true.Premature ejaculation has more to do with what’s going in the mind and control over one’s bodily sensations to control what happens, so it has little to nothing to do with circumcision status.

  3. Jummaty says:

    I assume you are still a young guy and lots of young guys have this issue in early resipionlhats . This is really because most young guys see masturbation as a quick relief rather than try to make the session last and build to a better orgasmThe best way to improve is to use the edging method , either in masturbation or sex with your partner . All you do is cease stimulation when you feel orgasm approach and after a few mins restart . If this is intercourse you will need to explain to your partner what you are doing and it may be better to extract your penis and stimulate her with finger or tongue . Just keep practising , which is fun anyway , and you will come to understand how to hold back till your partner is also ready . But even if you do orgasm too quickly just resume foreplay till you are hard again and ready to enter

  4. H.H. says:

    I think you’ll enjoy our blog: mysexlifewithlola.com

    Thanks for your posts.


    • Noorahmad says:

      , Kegel Exercises don’t only benefit felemas, but males also. They are something that will take a while to work, not immediately. You can take her advice on how to allow you to last longer during sexual stimulation, but you should also continue to do the Kegel Exercises. Just like any muscle, it’ll take a while for it to strengthen, depending on how often you use it, how long you exercise it and so on.,Read the sites I’ve listed below and others like it to find more information on it. There are many books and websites to help you better understand how to do it. You can always talk to your doctor for more information on the PC muscles and Kegel exercises. You have to do Kegel exercises consistently to see the results of this in a good amount of time. There are other methods to use to control ejaculation that last for the short time (that one sexual experience) which you have probably already figured out. Kegel exercises are to be done in free time, not during sexual activity. Refer to the websites for more information. Hope this helps.

  5. The Hook says:

    Very educational! I’m proud to say I knew most of these facts already!

    • Nico says:

      Several seconds berofe you feel like you’re about to blow, think about grandma kissing you and slipping you the tongue. However if you enjoy that sorta thing, then think of Rosie Odonnell.

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  7. Thank you so much guys, for your support and great comments. 🙂

    • Bryan says:

      Two ways: the first is, if you are getting close, to reach back and with your fogenifrer press very hard directly on your prostate.The second is, if you are getting close, you are usually in a rhthym. And going at a certain pace. Varying it slightly, not stopping altogether, can delay completion. Like you are in a tempo and about to finish and by usually slowing the tempo slightly you usually delay things slightly. But also, simply not stopping if you DO happen to slip past into climax before you wish, while you are still UP enough to keep moving, will sometimes bring you around to strating over before you ever even stopped. Most men just collapse with a loud groan and lie there inert like a beached walrus, but, especially if your are fit and vigorous, you probably can still keep your rhthym going if you will it.

    • Shannay says:

      The following teenhiqucs may be beneficial in delaying ejaculation:The stop and start method – in this method, the man learns to recognise the stage after which he cannot control ejaculation. The treatment method trains the person to remove the stimulus just before that stage is reached so that the urge to ejaculate is controlled. For example, when during masturbation, the man reaches a point just before ejaculating, he stops the stimulus until he starts losing the erection. Once the stage is past, he can resume the activity. This process is repeated again and again until the individual is able to delay ejaculation till the time he wishes. This method called the Masters and Johnson method’, is most effective when the help of the partner is sought during actual intercourse.The squeeze technique – in this method, the partner gently squeezes the tip or base of the penis just before the point of ejaculation thereby cancelling the orgasm. This process can be continued until the couple decides mutually to reach the climax.Desensitising creams and gels are available in the market that reduce the sensitivity of the penis and help men reach climax later. Some men also feel that condoms reduce the sensations and, in addition to providing safer sex, help them last longer.The couple can also experiment with sexual positions as some positions offer more control than others and may help to delay ejaculation.

  8. fossie says:

    This is something my wife does just about every time we have sex. The first time she did it about twenty years ago i thought peed. She soaked me and the bed, it got more excited then i could believe.

  9. Great post. I’m reposting it tomorrow, as I’ve already got Wobsy’s angler fish post today! Good job on giving information that the general public needs to know!

    • ubeet says:

      Circumcision is simply a reamovl of the outer skin. It has no bearing on the ejaculation time. It can make you more sensitive,though. Maybe this is your problem. My husband was circumcised and he has had no problems. He says it’s a matter of self-control and can be worked on. Stopping at the proper moment,then continuing when you feel capable of it,(believe me, there are certainly things you can do in the meantime that your partner will love) and she may even have a better orgasm because you teased her. His circumcision has never been a problem for us. So, I wish you good luck on the self-control bit.

    • Gustavo says:

      Premature ejaculation is caeusd by one of two factors (or sometimes both!)One, the mental aspect. A man doesn’t take the time to relax and immerse himself in the situation and constantly thinks (worries) about cumming. Result? He ends up cumming before he wanted to.Two, the physical aspect. A man rushes through his masturbatory sessions, essentially training his body to accomplish the sex act quickly. This is also complicated by men who perform kegels without performing reverse kegels . The constant tightening of the PC muscle presses on the prostate, causing a man to ejaculate quicker than he wishes.To fix the mental part, work on your breathing. Shallow, hyper breathing and tensing up will both make you ejaculate quicker; so slow your breathing down and relax as much possible.To fix the physical part, try reverse Kegels. Basically it is the muscles used when you push your urine out (but focus the effort on your penis do NOT try and push your anus out too, as in trying to defecate; this is wrong); by doing this, you are pushing blood into your penis and taking pressure off the prostate, which makes you less likely to ejaculate prematurely.

  10. wobsy says:

    Didn’t anyone who practiced oral sex already know most of this?
    Good post

    • James says:

      During 1 or 2 months the prlboem may exist. But not later if you try to overcome wholeheartedly. I had to live with a bhabi in the same flat during one and a half years with her 7 yr old son. And i know how 2 satsfy them. Your pre mature ejaculation is only for your curiosity, I think.1> Foreplay minimum one hour before sex, mainly with your fingers and mouth too.2>Massege breast, rub her pussy, clit and nipple softly but as long as possible.3>Do sex three times with breaks per night. 2nd and 3rd time sex will be longer must, i assure.4> Start sex after one hour sleeping and also sleep minimum 2hours after sex.5> Take valuable and enough food.6> FOREPLAY with your fingers and mouth are keys to success, i guarantee.7. Carefully notice in which foreplay does she want. Dont go to doctors now. Your Problem is common to many at first. If you have any doubt, sms me at 08001620002. Best Wishes.

    • Keyla says:

      , masturbate prior to going to sleep. This will allow your body to have eitmted semen and your body will take a while to get aroused and ejaculate. Generally males emit semen because there is a build up of semen or because of an arousing dream (which causes orgasms). If it’s an arousing dream, then masturbation may not have much, but if it’s the first reason, then masturbation will help. If you have the privacy and time, try masturbating prior to going to sleep and see if this alleviates your Nocturnal Emission (ejaculation while sleeping). Sometimes you may have to just wait it out, but masturbating should help. Hope this helps.

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