How to Make Any Woman Naked, Wet and Ready for Sex

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last night, I StumbleUpon an old article I wrote for the Mouithsone Magazine few months ago, and thought I should update it, Below I’m going to show you how my husband artfully take off my stockings

1: He takes a seat and position his standing with my back to him. Strokes my legs, then playfully tug at my suspenders. What he’s really doing is divining how they’re attached without appearing anything less than masterful.

2: He tackles the back ones first means I won’t notice any slight fumbles. The clasp comprises a hook and stopper. He Slips his thumb behind the stopper and slide up and loosen from the hook to free the stocking.

3: He turns me around to kiss my stomach and thighs again and repeat the process with the clasps on the front. Some have simple tension clasps that he can just pull apart. Which means more time for the next bit, that gets me wet, and ready for heard sex.

4: Once I’m unclipped, He lays me down on the bed and stand or kneel so he can lift my leg to his chest. He starts at the top of the stocking and slowly roll it down. He never pulls from the foot as this warps the material.

5: And he does the same for the other leg. This technique gives him a full and tantalising view of the big unveiling and having him straighten my leg will give it a noticeably flattering shape. I will certainly notice.

6: Whether he removes the suspender belt is a matter of taste. He reaches underneath and pulls me up to arch my lower back. The clasp will be like the one on my bra, so this should be familiar territory.

Good Luck.

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