How To Convince Her To Have Sex With The Light On

Posted: February 6, 2012 in SEX + HEALTH
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You like sex with the lights on. She prefers the dark. Can you compromise?

It’s a common story. Compromise with strategic lighting. Here are some ideas from Mouithsone Magazine, an award-winning love and relationships magazine.

Use lamplight

It’s not as harsh as overhead lighting and makes naked skin look better.

Light a candle

…or put that lamp behind an irregular object, like a plant. You’ll create oddly shaped shadows, making the lighting unthreatening and part of the fun.
Use a lowwatt, amber-hued bulb

“Amber neutralises the blues of blemishes and tired eyes, and gives skin a warm, soft, creamy look,” says Royalle.

  1. tThe Hook says:

    Candles are brilliant, simple idea that so many people fail to take advantage of, right?

  2. I had two children in 14 months. I gained over 100 pounds (one more child and a few years, and I’m still not back to where I want to be!). I NEVER wanted to have sex with the lights on. But I remember one specific night, M and I were laying in bed, and I went to switch the lamp off. He reached up behind me, laid a hand on my arm, and whispered in my ear, “Leave it on. I want to see you cumming.” I melted. Literally.

    Point being… Let her know that you want to see her. That she’s sexy and it turns you on. It will help convience her.

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