Love Your Sex-bod: Five Sex Positions That Will Make You Look So Good.

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
Jason and Esther's pumpkins

Image by Scrunchleface via Flickr

Here at, we recommends five sex positions that will make you look so good, you might think about video recording yourself while having nookie?

Sexual intercourse can bring up all our insecurities about what we look like: “While he like me?”; “Can he see my cellulite?”; “Does he think my boobs are too big or small enough?” or “Is my butt too wobbly?” With different circumstances like age or fluctuating weigh affecting many of us, the badges of woman-hood, such as stretch marks and cellulite, can leave you cowering from all-revealing sexual contact.

How about making up for your insecurities about your looks with adventurousness when it comes to sex positions? We recommend five positions that hide your less glamorous parts while providing so much satisfaction that you should have him begging for more!

1. Jason: The spooning and feeding position.
lie on your side with your back alongside his chest and bum flanking his scratch. The upper leg folds so that the knee is on you chest or upper tummy. Lift the folded leg slightly so he can enter from his position.

This is a perfect friction as you can control the all-important entrance by adjusting the drawn-up leg. Men like it because it allows them to touch your hips, bum and arm contours during the act.

2. Jason: The athletic gentleman’s position.
Lie on the edge of the bed with your legs open. He stands with his legs right at the edge and carries your legs on his shoulders and enters you on that graph image. This position is not for the unfit men though. (But it works wonders for the not-so-well-endowed man!) It also provides excellent clitoral and ego stimulation.

It sucks the tummy in and gives your thighs a thinner looks as they rest on his shoulders. It’s fantastic for flabby arms because you can rest them on the side. Men like it because it gives them a view of your face and breasts. it also gives them the illusion of control in this athletic situation. Caution: If your man is well-endowed, you need to ask him to be gentle.

3. Jason: The Caesar position.
With your back in a supported position on your elbows, lift one leg so that one is flat and one is pointing towards the ceiling. He enters you as if to put a pair of open scissors through another pair of scissors (we couldn’t come up with a more subtle example!). This position will allow him to fold his legs between your legs as he holds on to your top leg.

The Caesar position is favored by many for its comfort and elegance. Women who have issues with their Caesarean sections, and bark inner thighs will love this position for its ability to have his eyes drawn to the upper leg, breasts and the face.
He will love it simply because it’s unusual and offer him a different “entrance feel” as well as closer feel to your face. You will love it for its smokescreen and free-waist powers.

4. Jason: Doggy style.
It might sound like the oldest trick to teach a new dog, but this position is great and has many benefits. Because he does a rear entrance while you look the other way, it only gives his the view of your back while he continues with the job. Dangling boobs and all things you might deem unsightly are, well, out of sight, and he has only your bum and the back to look at. Men confess to liking this fabulous view because they are also insecure about how things like beer bellies hang on them!

5. Jason: The dolphin’s show.
This is a fantastic position and should be done in the pool for maximum effect. both of you are standing, and your man has his back against the pool wall. Cup your legs around him for entrance and hold the edge of the pool for balancing. This will allow him to thrust and hold your waist and bum with both hands. It is fabulous because your faces are at their closest, and even though water is transparent, it feels like a blanket. It gives you nice contact while everything floats so naturally, you won’t remember any of your issues until you step out of the pool. Men love it for the power it gives their ladies to do the driving. Caution: Thoroughly check the pH-balance of the pool before attempting this position.

  1. The Hook says:

    You really do your research, don’t you? Well done!

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