How My Wife Uses Our Sex Life As A Good Fun Way To Exercise?

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

You may have heard the good news that sex is also a good, fun way to exercise. The bad news is that the assertion goes only for the active partner. This means, to get in better shape, you need to do your bit, honey. Below are few positions that will help most areas of concern.


With me sitting on a chair, she sits on my lap but facing the other way. Entrance is made from the rear, and since the chair offers me no opportunity to meet her halfway, she will have to do all the work. With hands using my thighs or chair edges for balance, she pushes herself up and down. She vary speed and impact by either “cupsing” my legs or bringing hers closer together. This position provides great exercise for legs, inner thighs and arms.


Lie down on your back, and let her climb on top of you. But instead of using your body to relax, let her bring her feet up so that she is squatting over you. Let her use your chest or the surface for support as she thrust up and down over you. Because this position makes for deep penetration, she needs to take care of exaggerating her movements. This position will help tone her arms, thighs and bum.


Let her bend and put her elbows on the edge of the bed while you stand behind her. With her feet firmly on the floor and thus giving her balance, then raise one leg by a foot and make rear penetration while she takes the reins in impact and speed. This position requires that she really work you so it gives a nice abdominal massage and is great for leg toning, especially if she vary both legs in balancing.


According to Dr. Eve’s Sex Book by Dr. Marleen Wassermann (Human & Rousseau 2008) it is important for your woman to keep her vagina in good shape. Women have a vaginal muscle called pubococcygeus (PC) running between the anus and the front of the vagina. Its main function is to protect all their internal pelvic organs such as the bladder, the anus and the vagina. To find the PC muscle, Dr. Eve advice that she stops mid-stream when she urinate: “Contract and then relax it to release the rest of her urine. Now that you have discovered the muscle, this exercise of contraction and releasing should be done every day – at her desk, in front of her her computer, driving a car.
Let her contract the muscle to the count of five, then release. She should start doing 10 of these in the morning and night.”

Good luck.

  1. Gabriielita says:

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  2. The Hook says:

    Very cool! Feel the burn…

    • Daniela says:

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  3. wobsy says:

    Kegel excercise with penis in situ is also worth a try.
    Good post.

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