How To Touch a Naked Man: Naughty Strokes That Will Send Him Over The Edge

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

What He’s Dying to Hear. Guys crave reassurance too. Say “I could to this all day” while pampering his penis to let him know you’re into it.

The Sexiest Spots to Touch Him Down There

Certain hot zones on his package trigger insane pleasure – the kind that makes any man lose his mind with lust. Here’s how to find and work magic on each one.

Most guys are so thrilled when you touch their manatomy (in any way!) that they’re not about to start giving you specifics on how they like to be handled. And while it’s great that they’re appreciative, it can be hard to figure out where to focus your attention. “A man’s penis, and the area surrounding it, has certain spots that are packed with nerves,” says Kellie Moore, PHD, a clinical sexologist in Georgia, “once you know those zones, you can master various stimulating techniques to make sex feel different for him each time … intense one night, a slow build the next.” To help guide you, we asked top sex experts to give us a road map for his private parts and suggest the sexiest ways to arouse him.

1. The T-Spot

Where it is: The tip-from the ridge up his penis has about as many nerve endings as your clitoris. Translation: it is one supersensitive spot and will give him a major jolt of pleasure when touched. “But like the clitoris, it can actually start to be painful,” says one sexologist.

Pleasure him there: Place one hand at the base of his shaft and the other right on the top half so that his entire penis (except the tip) is covered by your hands. Then flick your tongue, quickly, like a snake’s, over the tip. Alternate between the flicking and lightly blowing on it. Your tongue gets him wet, and your breath provides a cooling effect that will be unexpectedly arousing. To surprise him with intense sensations during sex, climb on top, and don’t take him all the way inside you at first. Instead, slide up and down only on the head of his penis.

Next, move totally off him, and then take in just that first inch or 2 of him again. The start-stop combo with a focus on his most nerve-filled spot will get him even harder … exactly how you want him right before you’re ready to go for the gold.

2. The B-spot

Where it is: The area where his shaft meets his body (the base) is a big erogenous zone, and manipulating it correctly can actually help him last longer. “By gripping the base of his penis a certain way, you control blood flow and are able to make him hold off climaxing,” says one specialist, “it’s a spot that benefits him and you.” That makes this an especially primo area to focus on if you want to take turns pleasing each other.  You can keep him in the game while you catch up until you’re ready to orgasm together.

Pleasure him there: Make a ring using your pointer finger and thumb, and place it around the base of his penis. With your other hand, start at the ring and pull up (medium pressure works best). When you reach the top, bring it back down to the ring you’ve made and start over. Keeping your fingers at the base blocks the blood flow in his shaft, making him stay aroused without climaxing. And the motion you’re making with the other hand circulates the blood that’s in the shaft, getting him as hard as possible.

If you want to try orgasm together (or get as close as possible!) during sex, tell him to let you know when he’s near the brink. If you’re not there yet when he gives you the sign, reach between your bodies (this is easiest in missionary), and gab him so that your fist is touching the bottom of his penis. It mixes up the sensation enough that it helps him last longer. You can move your hand slightly up and down in motion with him so that it still feels sexy. When you’re on the verge of release, take your hand away. He’ll almost instantaneously climax, because suddenly, his whole member can enter you again.

3. The F-Spot

Where it is: There’s one area that should always be part of your down-there repertoire: the fraenulum-the spot on the underside of his penis where the shaft meets the head (look for the tiny raised bit of skin). “That’s where all the nerve fibres he feels on the head intersect,” says Eva Lambert, PhD, a sex therapist inLos Angeles. And once that area has been stimulated, it continues to feel great even after you’ve moved elsewhere.

Pleasure him there: Make a tight fist around the base of his penis, and slightly twist back and forth. At the same time, use the pad of your pointer finger, and roll it continuously over his fraenulum. The rolling motion mimics the twisting you’re doing down below, so you’ll be similarly fondling both ends of his package, driving him wild. During the deed, it’s even easier to tantalize the F-spot. The reason? “The skin on his penis naturally moves back and forth when he moves inside you.” says John Blak, PhD, a sex therapist in New York, “and positions that let him move a lot create the most friction in that area.” So try doggie-style, and tell him to go really crazy with the pumping for few seconds.

4. The R-Spot 

Where it is: It’s no secret that his boys are extremely sensitive, you’ve seen that knee-jerk reaction to take cover if there’s any fast movement made toward them. But there’s a frequently forgotten locale on his testicles that’ll make him get tingly all over. “The raphe is the seam that runs down the center of his scrotum,” says Blak. Unfortunately, while women know to spend some time on his testicles, they don’t focus in on the raphe, which is every receptive to direct contact.” Just beware, some guys find this spot too intense to be played with, so test if out first. Lightly touch him there for few seconds. If he flinches, back off.

Pleasure him there: Put your thumb and pointer finger in the position you do where you’re trying to indicate something is small. Place your thumb on that sexy seam where it meets the base of his shaft and your pointer finger on the seam where it meets his backside. Gently squeeze so your fingers almost meet (in between his testicles), then release. Repeat a few times. Lots of guys love having their testicles lightly squeezed, so doing the same to that ridge is mind-blowing. When you’re both warmed up, try cowgirl sex. While straddling him, reach behind you, and gently scratch the seam with one finger (use a come hither motion). If you save this move till the end, simply touching there is likely to be enough to make him explode.

5. The P-Spot

Where it is: The patch of skin between his testicles and anus-the perineum is full of orgasmic potential. “The skin there is thin, making the nerves more accessible,” says Blak. “Touching his perineum while stimulating his penis makes for an erotic combination of sensation that most guys love.” Plus, the perineum is located on top of his prostate (the male G-Spot), so if you press hard enough, you’ll hit that ultra-pleasing area, doubling the feel-good thrills.

Pleasure him there: During oral, stop lavishing his shaft with your tongue, and bring you lips to this pleasure patch. Purse them together like you’re going in for a kiss, but instead of a smooch, lightly suck on the skin. The suction mimics what you do on other parts of him and brings just enough blood flow to that area to make it tingle. The P-spot is also easy to access during missionary. Just reach between his legs, and press on it with your knuckle (if you use your fingertip, you risk scratching him). Try mixing up the pressure so that he doesn’t get used to (or bored by) one feeling. As he nears the finish line, push a little harder to give him a stronger “O”.

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