Boost your libido and give her a night to remember

English: A space filling diagram of gamma-lino...

English: A space filling diagram of gamma-linolenic acid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do as Frankie says
“Out of the 40% of people who claim to have sex more than three times a week, most are probably overestimating,” believes Dr Sarah Brewer, author of Increase Your Sex Drive. So, though you might think that everyone but you is at it like rabbits, this is unlikely to be the case. Often, adds Brewer, a decreased libido is simply the result of stress – and all you need to get back on tip-top form is to learn how to relax. Something as simple as taking a bath can significantly lower the cortisol (the stress-inducing hormone) levels in your body.

Sexy supplementation
Another way to give your sex drive a bit of a hike, explains Brewer, is to get your hands on supplements which can boost nutrients your body may be lacking. “Evening Primrose Oil is especially good; it contains the building blocks for your sex drive that 80% of us are deficient in.” Specifically the plant oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid (EFA) in the omega-6 family that cannot be made in the body. This EFA’s needed for maintenance of the reproductive processes, as well as normal brain function, growth and development and regulation of metabolism.

Ginseng supplements may also work. “Not only do they have properties which help the body adapt to stress, they can also have aphrodisiac benefits,” says Brewer. A standard multi-vitamin supplement with added minerals is also a good idea. Try Holland & Barrett‘s ABC Plus (£4.99 for 100).

Know your cycles
Though they’re not so pronounced as in women, hormone cycles also occur in men. Levels of testosterone, for instance, vary throughout the month. This may be due to a throwback evolutionary pressure on men to raise and subdue sexual activity in harmony with female fertility. Sex therapist Suzie Hayman suggests you look for patterns. “There may be an unconscious response to your partner’s sexual state and this can, unfortunately, be completely out of sync.” She recommends charting arousal states for both you and your partner over a few months. That way you can work out when in her cycle to get her on top of the washing machine.

Six simple linguistic cues that tell her you’re the right man for tonight

“I screwed up, and want to hear your thoughts”

Whether you blabbed a good friend’s secret or reversed into your neighbour’s car, admit it. Confessing an error in judgement leaves you exposed and vulnerable, which makes a woman want to wrap you in her arms. Telling her about it wins her over even more – you’re showing that you value her opinion. The resulting combo of compassion and confidence will inspire her to make everything all better – or at least distract you.

“Did you know you have a heart-shaped freckle on the back of your left thigh?”

After the first few months of sex, top-to-toe body exploration yields to cut-to-the-chase carnality. That’s a shame, because having her body mapped puts a woman in the mood for luxurious sex. Pull aside the blankets on a weekend morning and run your eyes and fingertips from her toes to her earlobes, making admiring comments along the way. You won’t get past her elbows before she pulls you in for a deep, wet kiss.

“I’m organizing a team of volunteers to work at the spa”

Whether it’s climbing mountains with underprivileged kids or carrying the neighbour’s groceries, helping others boosts your sexy factor for two reasons. First, altruism shows her that you can put your own needs aside, which inspires her to take care of them for you. Second, your good deeds make her feel as if she’s dating up, because clearly you’re a better person than she is. She’ll want to join forces with you on your life’s quest.

“You must be exhausted. Let’s take a hot shower and I’ll scrub your back”

The number-one reason your partner turns down sex is because she’s stressed. And while she knows there’s no better cure for wound-up nerves than a spring-release orgasm, it can be hard to shake off the day’s distractions. By blasting the hot water and lighting candles, you’ll offer a tension-melting solution she can’t refuse. Once the hot water and your soapy hands chase the stress away, she’ll finally feel sexy again.

“I want to accomplish a few key things in the next five years”

When a woman hears a man talk about the future with a “whatever” attitude, her level of respect for him drops and her thighs snap shut. She was surrounded by way too many of those directionless dudes back at varsity, and she has learnt that men who have clear goals and realistic plans for achieving them are rare. She’ll appreciate your far-sightedness all the more. Making up your mind settles hers, as well.

“I’m taking the day off tomorrow to chaperon my niece’s primary school outing”

While a woman is impressed by a man who’s driven to succeed, she’s even more tantalised by a striver who’s willing to put a family member first – extra points if that family member is under 12. She’ll instantly flash-forward to when you’re the sweet, caring father of her children, at which point her heart will go all gooey. Come back from your kiddie outing with a cute stuffed animal for her and she’ll practically drag you into bed.

It’s the supplement that boosts your body, mind and wellbeing. Follow the MH guide to wolfing down your recommended daily allowance of nature’s finest – and most fun – pick-me-up

Available today, a regular intake of this health-giving nutrient will change your life. It’s the best thing out there for a man who wants to protect himself from cancer, heart attacks, stress and more. If you want to feel physically better, mentally stronger and have a jolly good time while you do so, then this supplement is for you. It’s not new, and don’t worry, it’s not a scam – it’s called sex. It’s free (usually) and you can start your course of treatment whenever you feel like it. Which, Mouithsone Magazine advises, should be as soon as the object of your affection agrees to administer the relevant prescription.

The positive benefits of this truly miraculous health supplement depend upon how often you take it. From once a week to every day, here’s how many servings you need and, because we know you want only the best results, which foods work best with the supplement to both magnify its effects and make sex as enjoyable as possible. Always store in a safe place (and keep out of the reach of children).

Strip away stress
Dosage 1 serving per week
Information A single dose of sex during the week will release an effective amount of the stress-relieving hormone oxytocin. According to research conducted at the University of Paisley in Scotland, this level of oxytocin results in decreased blood pressure during stressful situations such as public speaking.

Directions Best taken early in the day to reduce anxiety during waking hours. The dosage of oxytocin will still be effective in the evening, but be careful: the hormone will also cause drowsiness if you are physically fatigued and can lead to unexpected – and even spontaneous – sleep.

Warning Do not try to administer this supplement on your own. Oxytocin release is only triggered by penetrative sex. Best taken with greens All green vegetables are extremely rich in magnesium, a deficiency of which, according to a study published in the journal Neuropharmacology, encourages the firing of the human stress response. The folic acid in leafy vegetables, especially kale and spinach, also increases histamine production in women and therefore her ability to achieve orgasm. So you can calm down while she’s getting excited.

Pump your heart
Dosage 2 servings per week
Information As far as your cardiovascular health goes, the term ‘horizontal jogging’ is no joke. A study of a thousand users over a 16-year-period at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts proved that sex twice weekly reduces your risk of life-threatening heart conditions by 45% compared with those on a dosage of sex once a month or less.

Directions Split your two recommended servings over the course of the week for best results. Going beyond the emotional factors attached to being in an intimate relationship (because, if you’re honest, it’s quite nice), your heart will benefit from the prolonged cardiovascular exercise that sexual activity provides.

Best taken with bananas A single banana provides energy, and also delivers a dose of the B vitamins your body requires to synthesise this energy effectively, improving both sexual stamina and muscular endurance during your exertions. High levels of potassium will improve the function of all muscles, including your heart’s ability to contract efficiently, says the American Heart Association. Therefore assisting normal, rhythmic pumping.

Use sexual healing
Dosage 3 servings per week
Information Three bouts of sex per week boosts your immune system’s ability to identify and stave off illness by 30%. Research at Wilkes University in the US has shown that sex two-to-three times every seven days prompted the largest jump in production of Immunoglobin A – antibodies which help fight off the common cold and influenza.

Directions Only use in a safe environment. While the tri-weekly dosage will help to build up your immunity, academics at the University of San Francisco have confirmed that sexually active men are more exposed to infectious agents, making them more susceptible to illness in the first place.

Best taken with pomegranate This fruit is extremely high in antioxidants, which protect the lining of your blood vessels to stimulate blood flow and enhance genital sensitivity. The oil in the seeds bolsters your defences against sickness by strengthening your immune system.

Stay the course
Dosage 4 servings per week
Information Practice makes perfect. The results of a five-year study of 1,000 Finnish men in the American Journal of Medicine show that men who have sex at least four times a week reported 50% less incidence of even the most mild erectile dysfunction than participants on a once-a- week programme.

Directions Take your supplement first thing in the morning. In the same study, it was discovered that a lack of morning erections was one of the key signifiers of developing erectile dysfunction: men with only one occurrence of morning glory per week are more likely to develop a dysfunction.
Important Always finish the course. Even if you have missed a dose earlier in the week, the desired 50% boost to your erectile strength requires the full recommended amount be administered.

Best taken with ginseng The traditional libido root has some modern scientific backing, with the Yonsei University College of Medicine’s department of urology finding it to be of equal effectiveness in stimulating healthy erections as PDE5 inhibitors used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Take one 100-200mg tablet per day.

Recapture youth
Dosage 5 servings per week
Information As the old saying sort of goes: you’re only as old as how often you feel a woman. Or, more accurately, participants in a University of Pittsburgh study estimated the ages of people who averaged sex over four times a week, guessing them on average to be 12 years younger than their actual ages. The research states that the regular release of testosterone benefits your appearance by increasing the skin’s elasticity.
Directions Take this supplement in conjunction with a regime of regular exercise for double the results.

Testosterone naturally improves your muscle’s ability to synthesise protein, thereby magnifying muscular growth from your gym sessions. You read that correctly: having more sex will keep you looking younger and maximise your workout gains. As the saying absolutely goes: it’s a win-win situation.

Best taken with avocado The abundance of the nutrient lutein in the fruit strengthens cellular structures, helping to prevent macular degeneration, or the cellular decay associated with visible signs of ageing. Vitamin B6 also further assists with yet more male hormone production. A fruitful investment all round.

Love losing weight
Dosage 6 servings per week
Information A one-month course of sex six times a week is enough to effortlessly burn off 0.5kg of fat. If maintained for a year, this dosage will make you 6kg slimmer and an almost unquantifiable percentage happier.
Directions Suitable for anyone wanting to burn 144 calories every half an hour while spiking your heart rate from 70bpm to 150bpm – close to the training intensity levels maintained by an elite athlete. Which you are, of course.

Please note Should be taken in addition to, rather than as a replacement of, regular exercise for the full fat-burning effect.

Best taken with asparagus At four calories per spear and one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables out there, asparagus should always be one of your five-a-day. For your partner, its Vitamin E aids testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone production, stimulating sexual responses such as clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication.

Screw the big C
Dosage 7 servings per week
Information When it comes to cancer, always use protection. According to the British Journal of Urology International, men who ejaculate seven times a week see an incredible 33% reduction in their risk of prostate cancer, compared to those on a less regular dose of sex. It’s the sort of prescription you’ve been waiting for.
Directions Take this supplement once a day, every day until further notice. If you happen to miss a serving, take a double dose on the following day. However, you should feel free to exceed the daily recommended intake whenever the opportunity presents itself. After all, it would be rude not to.

Best taken with watermelon If you desire the cancer-proofing effects of this dosage, the most important thing is getting it consistently. The phytonutrient citrulline in the flesh of watermelon prompts the uptake of nitric oxide, causing increased circulation. As a result, you will become more aroused, more quickly, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your new favourite supplement.

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Four tips for embarking on no-strings-attached romance

Q: “Your place or mine?”
A: Hers
Always her place. Never insist on taking her back to your house. “Personal safety is going to be paramount for her and she’s going to be more relaxed at her own home,” says sexual and relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall. Not having your own toothbrush to hand is a small price to pay.

Q: “Do you want to sit down?”
A: No, actually
A study by the University of Illinois in Chicago found that women showed greater arousal responses – measured by recording the number of nonverbal cues – while being kissed standing up, rather than laying or sitting down.

Q: “Do you think I do this all the time?”
A: God no, of course not!
The final barrier is a psychological one. “They want you to understand that they aren’t like this normally,” says Professor Anne Campbell from Durham University, specialist in the psychological impact of one-nighters. “They need the guy to know they are doing this for him on this night as a particular event.”

Q: “Am I going to see you again?”
A: Yes/No (Delete as applicable)
Ensure you’ve got all of your belongings. That’s 100% of the things that belong to you – keys, phone, wallet, any clothing you want to keep. The only thing you should leave behind is your number, if you do actually plan on seeing her again.

My prescription: sex!

Few days ago, I got this email from my doctors, in response to one our my previous complain related to sex problems.

Hell Chanel,

I understand your frustration, and I must say that a romp in the sack can improve short-term brain function and long-term psychological health, thanks to the release of pleasure hormones, say British researchers. And I also want you to rest assure that the benefits don’t stop there. Having sex with Jason twice a week will:

  • Bolster your immune system

You may also experience a spike in immunoglobulin A, an antibody that can fight off respiratory and stomach infections.

  • Cut your prostate cancer risk.

The more you ejaculate, the more carcinogens you’ll flush out of your sex gland, say Australian researchers.
Halve your risk of fatal heart attack

Having sex twice per week will also causes a surge in testosterone, a hormone that helps protect both hearts from stress.

  • Sex twice per week will ignite your fat burners

During a passionate bout of sex, you’ll both use 143 muscles and torch as many kilojoules as during a 15-minute jog.

  • De-stress your mind

After orgasm, your body releases oxytocin, a hormone that acts as a natural anti-anxiety drug.

I attended the World Congress for Sexual Health in Glasgow this last week. Can you imagine what happens when a thousand sexologists get together? We actually talk about science – the science behind sex.

I had the privilege of meeting one of the most influential sex researchers of all time – Beverly Whipple. This remarkable American scientist made three very important contributions to sex research:

She proved the existence of the G-spot on histological level and wrote about it extensively in her book: The G-spot first published in 1983.
She proved that there is a nerve connecting a female’s cervix directly to her brain, bypassing the spinal cord, making orgasm in paralyzed women possible.
She proved that females can and do ejaculate!

Here Are The Facts About Female Ejaculation

• It happens to some women, not all.
• It sometimes happens with orgasm, sometimes without.
• It is usually only a small amount, about a teaspoon full. It can be so little that you don’t even notice it or so much that it is embarrassing.
• It comes from small glands next to the urethra where the urine comes out, not the vagina and is therefore often confused with urine.
• These glands were previously known as the Skene’s glands, but are now officially called the female prostate glands.
• It looks like watered-down milk, not urine.
• It contains glucose and PSA – substances that are not found in urine.
• Some women do pass a small amount of urine during orgasm due to muscle contractions, but this is not ejaculation.
• It can sometimes be induced by ‘milking’ the G-spot in the same way a man’s prostate can be milked to produce ejaculate without orgasm.
• It is completely normal and natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Last night, I StumbleUpon an old article I wrote for the Mouithsone Magazine few months ago, and thought I should update it, Below I’m going to show you how my husband artfully take off my stockings

1: He takes a seat and position his standing with my back to him. Strokes my legs, then playfully tug at my suspenders. What he’s really doing is divining how they’re attached without appearing anything less than masterful.

2: He tackles the back ones first means I won’t notice any slight fumbles. The clasp comprises a hook and stopper. He Slips his thumb behind the stopper and slide up and loosen from the hook to free the stocking.

3: He turns me around to kiss my stomach and thighs again and repeat the process with the clasps on the front. Some have simple tension clasps that he can just pull apart. Which means more time for the next bit, that gets me wet, and ready for heard sex.

4: Once I’m unclipped, He lays me down on the bed and stand or kneel so he can lift my leg to his chest. He starts at the top of the stocking and slowly roll it down. He never pulls from the foot as this warps the material.

5: And he does the same for the other leg. This technique gives him a full and tantalising view of the big unveiling and having him straighten my leg will give it a noticeably flattering shape. I will certainly notice.

6: Whether he removes the suspender belt is a matter of taste. He reaches underneath and pulls me up to arch my lower back. The clasp will be like the one on my bra, so this should be familiar territory.

Good Luck.